Birth Stories and Testimonials

“For those who want a wise, present, kind and highly experienced doula, Michelle is for you . Not only has Michelle been a doula for many years, she is a multi-talented as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and an Acupuncturist. Her services the months before the birth of my son -- with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Massage, present and empathetic listening, and wonderful resources -- were just as valuable as her wise, grounded, and loving presence during the birth itself. Michelle is the embodiment of feminine wisdom, and will be your support and ally extraordinaire!”  

~ Kimberley

“Michelle is a wonderful Doula who made the birth of our daughter a calm and comforting day. When my water broke, she came to our house at 3 in the morning. She never left my side until we had Maya at 2am the next morning. She massaged my legs and back while I was laboring and it was a lifesaver. Also, she was such a great support for my husband, who was very nervous. At the hospital she informed the staff of what we wanted for our birth and stuck up for me with some of the bossy nurses. We would highly recommend her as a Doula for any mother-to-be.”  

~ Erin

“I feel so grateful to have met Michelle when I was pregnant with my first child. Michelle was my doula throughout pregnancy, birth, and the first month of my daughter's life. She is generous, wise, and available. Her skills are perfectly matched to serving women, their partners, and babies. For example,  when in the last few weeks of gestation my daughter remained in breech position, Michelle administered daily acupuncture, ‘moxa’ treatments, and herbal supplements as my doctor had recommended. Michelle also offered me herbal teas, vitamins, and massages to relax my mind, body, and spirit in preparation for motherhood. After my due date passed, Michelle made house calls to perform light acupuncture and incredible massages to keep my stress levels low and to encourage the baby's downward movement. Michelle is in touch with energy (prana or qi) at a subtle level. I always felt my daughter dance with delight inside the womb when Michelle was around!

My husband, daughter and I are not the only ones who enjoyed working with Michelle. Our doctor, an MD OB/GYN who was hesitant to allow a doula to participate in our daughter's birth, told me after the birth that she had never worked alongside a doula who is as good as Michelle. I think part of her respect resulted from Michelle's knowledge, humility, and openness to what my individual needs were during labor and delivery.

My labor was exactly 24 hours, and the first 12 were at home with my husband and Michelle. We quite literally could not have done it the way we did it without Michelle on our side. She drove us to and from the doctor's office to check my dilation, she cooked a bit of food for us, and she stayed right by our side as the contractions intensified. When it came time to drive to the hospital, Michelle did that for us too. She helped me feel more at ease when the contractions were frightening me in the hospital lobby and during triage. Later that evening, when I decided to receive epidural anesthesia, Michelle looked at me with a supportive, knowing gaze that helped me focus on the blissful arrival of my daughter rather than on any preconceptions about a ‘right’ way to give birth. I could feel her compassionate understanding that each woman and each child have their own perfect paths to follow.

Michelle also helped us communicate with the nurses to arrange to take my placenta home for encapsulation, and a number of other logistical matters with the hospital staff and our families. During the pushing stage, Michelle was right there to support me, my husband, and our physician. When my my daughter arrived, Michelle encouraged me to feel the baby's head when she was emerging, and then she helped me with the baby's latch for the first nursing. Michelle texted our families (as we'd asked her to do), and then she stayed with us to take photographs and ensured that we felt completely taken care of. The families were so grateful to have Michelle giving them real-time updates, and it took a lot of pressure off of me and my husband.

I thought the delivery and placenta encapsulation would be the end of Michelle's duties, but I realized that her follow up visits were equally needed. She would always offer me a listening ear, a hug, or a reminder to take my supplements and placenta pills as needed. It is one my my deepest wishes for every woman to have everything that she needs during pregnancy and motherhood; if only I could give every family their loving, wise doula, their own Michelle.”

~ Alyssa

“Michelle is a true goddess healer in every way. Her presence -- nurturing, steady, sensual, bright, fun, and loving -- is like medicine in itself, making you feel safe, supported, loved and free to be however and who ever you need to be during your pregnancy and delivery. As an Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist and Reiki healer, her touch is powerful and discerning -- never aggressive but always light where it can be and stronger where and when more firmness is needed. I know that Michelle has served as a doula for so many births (home and hospital) yet she still carries a beautiful sense of awe and wonder about birth. Michelle is also a rich resource for herbs and advice, and is always learning more and continues to study so that she can better help you (in my case, this was learning more about gestational hypertension). Going to Michelle is a great, invaluable gift for your baby and yourself.”

~ Mary Ellen

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