Placenta Medicine Testimonials

“I’m incredibly grateful to Michelle for encouraging me to 'encapsulate' my placenta. While preparing for a hospital birth, I felt empowered knowing that I could retrieve my placenta and partake in some wise woman ways. I noticed immediately the benefit of taking these capsules -- notably the bleeding lessened, my energy and vitality were quickly replaced after being exhausted from a long labor, and my breast milk supply came in strongly and abundantly. This increased my ability to deal with some of the obstacles we faced during our baby's first week. With Michelle’s guidance, I gradually lessened the dosage and I am still four months later enjoying breastfeeding my baby with a plentiful supply. There are many factors to why one birth experience is different from another, yet I can say without a doubt that the increased vitality and abundant breast milk were an amazing improvement from what I experienced with our first child.”

~ Sarah


“Michelle came to pick up the placenta just a few hours after I gave birth and she had the pills to me the next day! She also brought me a beautiful picture of the placental ‘tree of life’ outline and the cord wrapped delicately into a heart shape. Her price was very reasonable for such great service, and I ended up having a home acupuncture appointment when she dropped off the pills. It was such a treat, having just been through labor, to have an hour of treatment to reboot my system. The pills helped prevent postpartum depression (which I didn't experience at all), increased my milk supply (which I had an abundance of), and gave me energy (I was actually surprised at how much energy I had despite lack of sleep). I would highly recommend doing the encapsulation and seeing Michelle for any acupuncture needs you might have.”

~ Anne


"Michelle went above and beyond to ensure I received my encapsulated placenta pills the day after I gave birth by rushing up to Mt Sinai hospital immediately following delivery and returning the next day with the pills in hand. Her efforts were greatly appreciated as I was able to benefit from the pills shortly after delivery which made the transition into the postpartum phase smooth and painless."

~ Delphine


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