“Michelle is a very powerful healer. I often feel more relaxed than ever during and after a session of Acupuncture/Reiki with her. My sister (who is also a client of hers) and I often joke that she has cast a relaxation spell on us. A couple of years ago I stopped menstruating for about 3 months and wasn't sure why. After one Acupuncture session with Michelle, I got my period the very next day. Truly amazing! I'm now 7.5 months pregnant with my first baby and I'm so happy to have Michelle as our doula. I know having her energy present during the birth of our child will be very supportive, positive and calming.”  

~ Havi


“Michelle successfully treated me for a chronic sinus infection that had persisted for 18 months, and was not resolved by powerful targeted antibiotics, steroid rinses, or other medical prescriptions. Sinus doctors felt surgery or long term drugs was the solution, but I decided to give Michelle a try and her Acupuncture treatment provided clear benefit, resulting in complete recovery.”

~ John


“Michelle is amazing. She truly is a healer. An hour on her treatment table sends me to another world. And when I return home, I am blissful and revitalized. She has helped me with chronic back pain, sinus infections, anxiety and stress relief. I'm grateful every time I see her for her vast knowledge and magical touch!”

~ Bree


“I have been working with Michelle for over 10 years. She is a magical fairy!  I have had the pleasure of being treated by her with Acupuncture, Massage, and Reiki. Just stepping into her office makes me feel better, as she is an amazing listener and good giver of advice. She is reflective and intuitive and works with you to make sure you understand the treatment. I have recommended family and friends to her, and they all agree that she is truly a professional, and a star in the practice of alternative medicine."

~ Ami


“I started seeing Michelle at the Acupuncture school and have followed her since my first visit around ten and a half years ago. Through Acupuncture and Shiatsu, she has worked wonders on me both physically and spiritually. She has helped me with everything from old injuries, sleep problems, and the flu, to the everyday stresses that come with living in New York. She offers amazing advice for all types of problems and has become a good friend, as well as practitioner, to me and several friends. She has an amazing way of guiding me to see whatever problem -- whether it be physical or emotional -- from an entirely different perspective than what I walked in with. I would (and do) recommend Michelle to anyone!”

~ Elizabeth


“I have worked with Michelle for a while now on a variety of issues -- back, wrist, hormonal balance, allergies, low energy, etc. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great practitioner. I always leave feeling great. While that alone is enough, Michelle is also great interpersonally. She has an amazingly warm and caring nature. I would give her my highest recommendation.”

~ Teraesa


“Michelle was a life-saver for me during my pregnancy and immediately after. I started seeing her for acupuncture as I was having massive leg cramps for months. After one appointment my leg cramps vanished. I then found out she did placenta encapsulation and I decided to try it.”  

~ Anne


“My midwife, Sandy Woods, referred me to Michelle for Acupuncture. I was preparing for the home stretch of my pregnancy and the delivery of my baby boy. I knew that if Sandy was recommending Michelle, she must be good. What I didn't know, is how amazing she would be. That first experience was truly magical. The space was warm and inviting, and the music she played was perfect. Michelle took the time to get to know me and to find out how I was doing. I’d say Michelle is an angel with miracle hands. She was gentle and made sure I was always comfortable. Not only did she treat me with Acupuncture, but also with Reiki. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, clear-headed, and balanced in the most exquisite way. It was the best gift ever. I was so inspired by Michelle, I considered going to acupuncture school myself. I thought, ‘that's what I want to be when I grow up.’  I've known Michelle for almost 6 years now and any opportunity I get, I go to her for a session. I always leave rejuvenated and refreshed.”  

~ Edna


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